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Private Practice Consulting/Coaching

Tailored project plans, contract assistance, billing guidance, and support for choosing the right payment system.

Education/Resources: We will provide you with a project plan to help you track all the tasks involved in starting or expanding your practice.

Contracts: For group practice owners, we can assist you in creating contracts. However, we recommend consulting with an attorney for legal advice and review.

Credentialing: We will guide you through the process of deciding whether or not to accept insurance and help you with credentialing.

Payment Systems: We can help you choose the right electronic health records (EHR) system for your practice's payment needs.

Full Support: We are here to fully support you throughout your journey, offering guidance, motivation, and assistance whenever you need it.

Fun: We also believe in incorporating fun into the coaching process to make it more enjoyable for you. And more Fun!


Ininitial Assessmemt (up to 90 minutes) - $150

60-min. Meeting - $125

30-min. Meeting - $75

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