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LCMHC Supervision

Offering expert supervision to help you accrue hours towards your Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) certification.

I opened my practice as soon as I became licensed because that was my goal.  I turned my practice into a group practice at the beginning of COVID and never looked back.  Trust me I had no idea what I was doing, but I have learned a lot over the last three years.  I now have a 20-person team and want to help other therapists who may be interested in starting their own solo practice or expanding into a group practice.  

As a therapist my passion for helping others is natural. Anew Coaching and Consulting LLC is a business to support therapists on their journey of either opening their own private practice, with a specialty in group practice, obtaining their hours towards EMDR certification, consulting on billing and credentialing, and/or providing supervision to assist in obtaining your hours towards your LCMHC.  

Coaching, Consulting, and Supervision are ways to collaborate with other therapists as they reach their individual goals.  I believe that knowledge should be shared in the mental health profession.  I provide the additional support that therapists need to reach their business and professional goals.  And I love to have fun on the way.  The most important tip I like to share with my partners is giving yourself grace.  Whether it is gaining your hours towards licensure or certification or opening and/or expanding your business it is important to give yourself grace.  The journey can be overwhelming and exhausting, but so worth it. 


Price Varies

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