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EMDR Consulting

Certified EMDR therapist and consultant-in-training. Elevate your practice with my guidance, gaining 15 certification hours.

As a certified EMDR therapist I found two wonderful consultants that helped me gain my confidence and skills to practice EMDR. Since adding EMDR to my clinical resume it has only helped my group practice grow.  I have recently become an EMDR - consultant-in-training to help other clinicians on their journey.

So, I want to know are you thinking about getting certified?  Well, look no further. I can assist you in getting at least 15 of your required 20 hours toward certification.  My approach to EMDR is to just go with where your clients take you.  I have been using EMDR for over 2 years and am a current member EMDRIA.  


Individiaul Consulting - $100

Group Rate (per person) - $20

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